Riddle Group

Education Center

Riddle has built its own center for digital learning and esports competence, and we provide teachers and coaches to interested parties in both the private and public spheres. Our current offerings include a 10-week module-based course for teenagers and young adults, the Riddle-Room Platform for athletic clubs and esport centers, as well as webinars with Riddle Esport coaches in various games.


Gaming Event Plus: A Module-based Course

  • Offered in collaboration with Norwegian Blue Cross

  • Modules include IT & Wireless networks, Drone certification, streaming, Project Management, Presentation Skills; Sales & Digital Marketing, Hosting Event

  • Designed to motivate youngsters who've lost interest in school and/or traditional jobs

  • Goal is to open up new educational vistas or to guide them to relevant work experiences

  • Focus on initiative, communication, teamwork


Riddle Room: A Learning Platform for Athletic Clubs

  • Complete Gaming Rigs

  • Assisting clubs to establish esport teams

  • Training of new coaches (in FIFA, LoL, CS:GO, Fortnite)

Join the digital revolution with Riddle!

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