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Published on03 April 2023


Announcing merger of Riddle and Aim Studios

Riddle & AIM Studios merge!

Riddle, the leading esports pioneer in Norway, teamed up with AIM Studios at the beginning of 2023. The new company, Riddle Group (RG), will be headquartered in Oslo, with a regional office and studios in Fredrikstad. Founder, Mohammed Barzinje, will continue as CEO of Riddle esports, while Fredrik Engh is to serve as CEO of RG and as Chairman of the Board.

Mr Barzinje says he looks forward to working with the creative team at AIM Studios and says that its expertise in esports and digital education, live events and software development, will make Riddle a more complete esports organization. “We have put in place a solid foundation for achieving great things in the esports arena for years to come!” Mr. Engh adds that “the new company has a very robust and sustainable business model, with diverse income streams.” Unlike many other players in the industry, he stresses that “our focus remains on the bottom line, and we are determined to deliver value to our investors and commercial partners.”

Riddle Group is determined to build on Riddle´s previous success in League of Legends and plans to expand to Counter-Strike and other esports genres in the coming year.

Welcome to Riddle’s League of Legends NLC Team
Photo: Sindre Stien/Telialigaen

Welcome to Riddle’s League of Legends NLC Team

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