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Published on03 January 2023


Welcome to Riddle’s League of Legends NLC Team

Many challenges have faced the north in the last couple of years, and many have given up along the way. However, one thing will always be certain. We will always be there to fight for the crown.

Please join us in welcoming our League of Legends 2023 NLC Roster!


Toplane – Andreas “Banderas” Barril
Jungler – Kim “Winter 7” Yo-han
Midlaner – Choo “FireRain” Hwa-woo
ADC – Jona “Reptile” Fritz
Support – Batuhan “kibah” Gazier Kibar


Head Coach – Patrick “Dont Ban Nida” Møller
Assistant Coach – Kim “BroCColi” Yoon-jae
Analyst – Odysseas
Team Manager – Andreas “Zatari” Lampe

Announcing merger of Riddle and Aim Studios

Announcing merger of Riddle and Aim Studios

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